3 Signs Your Home Has a Water Leak

Plumbing leaks can cause serious damage to your home that’s expensive to repair. What makes these situations worse is that sometimes you don’t know there’s a leak right away. By the time you do, significant damage has happened. If you think you need leak repair, contact one of our plumbers in Simi Valley right away.

Don’t have a leak? That’s great! But we still want you to keep reading, to learn how to spot a water leak before it turns into a larger issue. Below are three signs of water leaks that homeowners should never ignore.

Your Water Bill Goes Up

There are certain times of the year when households use more water. However, your bill shouldn’t rise so much that you have to look at it a few times to make sense of the number. If you have a higher water bill and don’t know why, do this quick DIY water leak test.

Check the reading on the water heater. Next, turn off all the water going into the house. Now, take the kids to a movie or go on a hike for the next couple of hours. When you return, check the water meter again before turning the water back on. Did the number change? If yes, call a plumber. There’s a leak somewhere in your system.

Your Home Smells Moldy

Does your home have a damp smell? Homes that are watertight shouldn’t smell moldy or mildewy. If they do, you probably have a leak you’re not aware of.

Check the house for signs of water damage such as water stains on the walls, ceilings, baseboards, or flooring. Is paint peeling or wallpaper pulling away from the wall? These are all signs that there’s a leak in a pipe that’s probably hidden. Call a plumber for leak inspection to get to the bottom of this problem before anymore damage is done to your home.

The Toilet Runs Non-stop

Of all the sneaky leaks you can have in your home, this is probably the easiest to detect and to fix. When a toilet runs nonstop or flushes on its own, these are signs that there’s a leak between the tank and the bowl. To fix this problem, you need to replace the flap, the chain, or the flush-valve assembly.

This toilet repair job is super easy and affordable. You can find parts at the hardware store for less than $20 and the repair takes just a few minutes. Of course, if you want us to take care of the repair for you, we can do that too.

Simi Valley Plumber Pros is here for you 24/7. When you need water leak repair, call us. We offer complete plumbing service in Simi Valley around the clock!

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