How to Avoid Emergency Water Heater Service

Professional water heater installation in Simi Valley by top-rated, area plumbersYour home’s water heater plays a vital role in your comfort and security. It keeps you warm in the shower, provides heated water for cooking and laundry, and allows access to hot water for sanitation purposes. In the United States, a water heater isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Yet, every day people are at the mercy of this plumbing appliance and go into a panic when they can no longer access hot water. Don’t put yourself in the situation where you need emergency water heater service in Simi Valley. Instead, follow these preventive maintenance tips to keep your water heater working at its very best 24/7.

Flush Your Tank Water Heater

Annual flushing gets rid of sediment that builds up at the bottom of the tank. Calcium, lime, and other substances that are present in hard water can be very damaging to your plumbing system, especially your water heater. If you have an issue with hard water, you may want to consider installing a water softener or whole-house filtration system to reduce the amount of sediment present in your home. Not only will conditioning the water leave your plumbing appliances in better condition, it will protect other piping and fixtures.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance with a Licensed Plumber

Hot water heater maintenance doesn’t have to be up to you. In fact, it’s always better to hire a professional plumber in Simi Valley. By purchasing a preventive maintenance package, you never have to worry about keeping track of when the last time you flushed the water heater or had it serviced. The plumbing company takes care of the scheduling and remembering for you. Also, if there is a problem that pops up out of the blue, you can feel confident that you’ll have a plumber working on your water heater who is familiar with its service record.

If you have a water heater emergency, call Simi Valley Plumber Pros 24 hours a day, seven days a week for impeccable service that is always affordable and always 100% guaranteed!

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